Saturday, February 14, 2009

Middle Name Guy

So, I went out with middle name guy today. At first, I thought it was going to be horrible. He didn't really even speak! After we sat down, things got better. He opened up, but it was a little hard to hear. He seemed nice enough, but I'm not sure if its going to go anywhere. He didn't go to college, and didn't seem to really value education, so that could be a problem for me. We did have a nice awkward moment. He asked if I liked to travel, and I said yes, but I have trouble finding people to go with. His response was, I'll go with you. So, I just pretended that I didn't hear it. He wanted to do something after the date, but given that its valentine's day, anything we tried to do would be so crowded it wouldn't be worth it. He's going out of town next weekend, and he's supposed to call about going out again. I figure I can give it one more shot, I think.....We'll see if that changes after tomorrow.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

Okay, so I have my first ever date for Valentine's Day. When I say ever, I'm even including those "going together" type relationships from when I thought going together actually meant something. I'm 29, and never had any one in my life for Valentine's Day. Sad thing this year, I'm actually looking forward to my date on Sunday, more than my one on Saturday.

Let me tell you about the guy on Sunday. We'll call him Air Force Guy. I got matched with him last Monday, and we couldn't get together last weekend because he was guarding the country, and I was taking the LSAT. He's 33, widowed, no kids, and attends church regularly. While we didn't have a long conversation, he was nice, friendly, and seemed to be outgoing. Originally, we scheduled the date for Valentine's Day. Then, about 10 minutes later, he called me back to reschedule to Sunday, since he has a friend getting married tomorrow. He was so apologetic, it was really sweet. Then, this evening, he called to confirm, and to wish me a happy valentine's day. I kid you not, I actually blushed over a phone call. He's certainly starting to look really good.

Now, for the guy for tomorrow. We'll call him, Middle Name Guy. I got matched with him this Monday. When we set up the date, he seemed really shy, which makes guys REALLY hard to talk to. And, in the middle of the conversation, he blurted out that he goes by his middle name, not the name the service gave me. I hate to say it, but I had flash backs of the guy who lives with his mother. I'm trying to keep an open mind, really, I'm trying. If I start comparing, I'm afraid this guy will fall short.

So, when this weekend is over, I'll hopefully be in the right mood to post details! Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some African

Okay, so let me tell you about a date I had this summer. First of all, they tell me he has some african in him...So, I'm thinking probably half, maybe less, probably looks american indian. When he calls, he has an accent. Which, not knowing him, sounded exotic and exciting. So, we agreed to meet at a restaurant off of 44 as he was from OKC. So, I get there, and I wait, and I wait, and I wait. Finally, I ordered something to go and went home. An hour and 45 minutes after we were supposed to meet(which means he didn't leave until we were supposed to be meeting!), he calls to tell me he is close to the restaurant and wanted me to meet him. I finally convince I'm not going to, but for some Stupid reason, I agree to meet him a few nights later. Of course, he's late. Then, he gets lost and makes me stay on the phone with him until he finds the restaurant. Seriously, you can see the thing from 44, not hard to find! When the dark black guy walks in, I'm 100% sure this is the guy they have set me up with. Turns out, he's not part African, HE'S FROM AFRICA! Came over from Nigeria a few years ago! I can't understand him at all. At one point, he asked me a question and I nodded because I thought he was just commenting. He basically asks what my 5 year life plan is. Oh, and I was told he was a nurse....No, he was a nurses aide on the night shift at a nursing home! As were were leaving, he asked me when we could do that again. I told him as nicely as I could, we just were on the same page, and I didn't think it was a good idea to go out again.

I called in on my way home to give my evaluation. First I was asked, where did you meet. So, of course I shared that I got stood up. Then I was asked if I thought he was cute. I told her that I was told some african, not all african! Then she asked about the conversation....Finally, she asked if I would be going out with him again, to which I adamantly replied "NO". She laughed and said, "Yea, I figured, but I have to ask anyway!"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rancher Guy

Okay, so, I've been admonished for not writing on here sooner. I finally went out with Rancher guy tonight. For starters, apparently, he had been sick last night, and was in the emergency room until 2 this morrning. Oh, and I think I'm the first date he has had with this service. The restaraunt we went to wasn't busy at all (in fact, for a while, we were the only ones there). It was fairly awkward. And, it didn't help that he didn't eat much (a side effect of food poisoning) and I had a headache. After I was done eating, he asked if I wanted to go to a movie. So, we went over to the theater, and nothing started for another hour. So, we decided to just call it a night. He was a really nice guy, but I can't say I saw any fireworks, and I did see some red flags. He said he would call, so we'll see what happens.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Phone Call

Okay, so last night, I was sitting at home, cleaning, and trying to veg a little when my phone rang.....It was the worst voice mail guy. He was calling, AGAIN! Needless to say, that is one phone call I won't be returning.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worst Voicemail Ever

Okay, so I'll start with my most recent really bad date. First of all, he left me 3 voice mails before I called him back. In his defense, he called on a Monday, and I didn't call back until Wednesday, but still. His first message was full of long pauses, and ums, and was bad enough that a friend chastised me for my opinion of it. The second message, he gave me his cell number (after lots of long pauses!). The third message explained to me that the cell was for the day and the home number was for the night. So, Wednesday evening, I called the home number (hey, I can follow directions!), and a woman picked up. Took me a few minutes to realize it was his MOTHER! Needless to say, I didn't leave a message. So, we finally talked on Thursday (after I think 2 more messages!), and the phone call might have been worse than the voice mail. He wanted to meet at Starbucks, and I said well, I only know of 2, the one in Owasso and the one at 71st and Garnett, to which he replied, I'm not very familiar with Collinsville. So, you can use your imagination on how any other part of the conversation went! So, I met him for coffee (which, I don't even drink!) on a Friday evening at Starbucks. I was hoping he was just nervous on the phone, I was wrong. Real life was a lot like the phone. First, he went to the wrong starbucks, then he questioned the coffee several times about whether what he wanted was decaf (to be reassured each time!). I really kind of felt bad at the end, because I wasn't even trying. Pretty much at the point where he was amazed that I had my own house, I knew it was over. I even pulled out my cell phone and checked for calls! I finally begged off with needing to run errands at places that closed early. In my defense, I thought Mardel closed at 8 (it closes at 9), but it did work. Of course, he did walk me to my car (which again he was amazed at!) and then said he'd like to do it again. Okay, I was so bad, I wouldn't have wanted to date me again! He called a few days later, but I screened and let it go to voice mail. When I filled the service in on the fact that he lived at home, the response was "we don't ask about that, WHY don't we ask about that."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Engineer Dude

Okay, so let me tell you about my date from Friday night. First, apparently these guys are supposed to call within 72 hours, and so the dating service had to call him again to get him to call me (I really wasn't worried). We ended up talking for 45 minutes (supposed to just set up the date). Usually, conversations like that make me bad, but I got off the phone woo hooing anybody that would listen. We met for dinner at a really busy restaraunt, and the date lasted 2 hours, which is how long it took us to eat. He was really cute (as well as really tall, 6'5), and we had a really good conversation. And, we had a junior high moment. You know that, is he looking at me, oh crap, she caught me looking, dang it, now he caught me looking kind of moment. He was very well mannered, even offering me the last sweet'n'low. After the date, he walked me to my car. When we got there, he said, "Well, I had a good time" and I said me too, and then he said bye. So, now, I'm playing the waiting game to see if he will call me back. He told me he's a pretty laid back guy, so I'm hoping he just hasn't got a around to it yet. All I can do is wait and see! Oh, yeah, he's an engineer too! Tomorrow, I'll start in on the funny stories!